Why Choose Smiles on the Hudson?

Finally, discover Edgewater dentists who put the needs of their patients first.

Exceptional and Convenient
You and your family’s smiles are so precious. They need to be handled with the utmost care by trained experts who understand your needs – that’s us! Smiles on the Hudson
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Going the Extra Mile

Our dentists in Edgewater, NJ appreciate everyone is different, so we tailor each treatment to you as an individual. You receive the care you need at the pace you want, and, of course, we throw in some added comforts along the way.

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The Pinnacle of Care

As a compassionate team, we pride ourselves on bringing a higher caliber of care to our patients. This starts with us getting to know you, so we can understand how to adapt our methods to enhance your experience. This commitment is never ending as we continually strive to improve your family’s dental visits.

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Defining Convenience

Did you know our office is open on Saturdays? It’s true! Plus, we offer weekday evening appointments too. What’s more, we provide convenient dentistry and use the latest technology to give you the most effective, efficient care possible. Sit back and enjoy a visit that is completely stress-free.

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Your Team of Specialists
Everything you need from a dentist and so much more.
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Determine the Core Problem
At Smiles on the Hudson, we do more than just patch up your teeth and send you on your way. We take time to collaborate with you and find the root cause of your dental problem. This approach enables us to provide long-lasting and sustainable solutions to all our patients.
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Dental Excellence
We genuinely want all to attain optimal oral health and to benefit from having a confident smile. Most importantly though, we want you and your family to feel comfortable when you visit us. This drives us to excel in all areas of care by pursuing continued education and using the latest dental techniques to care for your health.
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Your Premier Experience
In our office, you are in control of your visit, which is built around you. From our helpful hygiene tips to your recommended treatment plan, nothing is done unless you fully understand and are happy to move forward. No pressure, just kind advice.

Dentistry Like Never Before

Taking your Edgewater dental visit to the next level.

The dental exam rooms in our family dental practice in Edgewater, New Jersey has a view to the Hudson River
  • Superior Technology

    Thrive as we use the latest dental equipment to care for your smile. This includes:

    1. Digital x-rays
    2. Intraoral cameras
    3. CT scan machine
    4. Laser dentistry
    5. Zoom! Teeth Whitening
  • In-office Comforts

    Sit back, relax, and take in the river view as we make you feel comfortable. Enjoy our office amenities, including:

    1. Headphones
    2. Pandora
    3. Blankets and pillows
    4. Refreshments
    5. Sedation dentistry
  • Your Dental Home

    Our gentle approach to Edgewater dentistry includes an array of benefits such as:

    1. Saturday appointments
    2. Easy booking
    3. Our compassionate team
    4. An office with a contemporary look and feel
    5. A family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere
The dental exam rooms in our family dental practice in Edgewater, New Jersey has a view to the Hudson River
Smiling on Both Sides of the Hudson
Whether you live in New York or New Jersey, we are the premier practice for families and professionals a like.
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