Teeth whitening

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What Is Teeth Whitening?

teeth whitening

Teeth naturally change color due to daily drinks and food intake. As they pigment, they may appear more yellow and damaged. Affecting your overall appearance.

At Smiles on the Hudson we perform a dental whitening that will allow you to transform your smile quickly and safely.

With whitening you can have a much lighter and natural tone that makes you look more attractive and interesting.

Professional tooth whitening is achieved in a few hours and is an additional treatment to dental cleaning.

"I had a really good experience. When I wasn't sure where to turn off the road, they stayed on the line and guided me very exactly right into the parking garage and didn't hang up until I was absolutely positive of where I was. The office was clean, bright, and from the dental chair I had a beautiful view. They asked what kind of music I like, so I could be even more relaxed. I had a difficult, long procedure, and I wasn't uncomfortable for even a minute. They are very efficient with state of the art equipment. The best. The dentist was fabulous and so was her assistant. And they were very kind! I'm a senior citizen and kindness means a lot to us."

-Carol S.

How is this procedure performed?

It is recommended in a previous appointment to perform the dental cleaning before the whitening sessions.

The dentist will apply the whitening gel on the teeth visible in the front part which will be activated with the light of a lamp specially designed for this process (ZOOM lamp)

The gel will act on the teeth for approximately 60 minutes, this period of time is divided into 15 minute sessions that can be reduced according to the color of the teeth.

At the end of this time, the gel is removed from the teeth and you will be able to see the change immediately.

This whole process from start to finish will take 90 minutes. The patient will be able to relax while this procedure is performed. Once the process is finished, you will be able to notice the change

Professional teeth whitening at Smiles on the Hudson vs. home teeth whitening

You have probably heard of home teeth whitening, although it does bleach the tone of your teeth and is not as safe, effective and fast as the whitening done in the dental clinic.

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