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Our skilled Edgewater dentists guide your family to real dental success with exceptional family dentistry.

Comprehensive General Dentistry

Both the American Dental Association and your caring Smiles on the Hudson team recommend regular 
check-ups and dental exams. These appointments are proven to decrease your chance of experiencing dental problems and other health issues.

What to expect

During a typical dental examination, your Edgewater dentistevaluates several factors, including:

Our team uses innovative dental technology to see clear images of the inside of your mouth. We share these with you so you can see what we see. We then discuss any findings in both a visual and verbal manner.

Dr. Roytberg and our team make regular exams the first line of defense for any dental problem, whether it is gum disease, decay, or orthodontic issues. We can assess, diagnose, and treat these common issues all under one roof.

Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is one of the best ways you can protect your smile. But did you know that even with the most thorough hygiene habits, plaque and tartar could still build up? If this plaque is not removed it can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and, in time, more serious dental problems.

Hygiene Habits

Regular hygiene appointments are a great partner for your everyday dental habits. During these visits, our skilled hygienists focus on:

At Smiles on the Hudson, we recommend hygiene visits every six months. However, if there is decay or gum disease present, we may suggest more frequent visits to alleviate these problems.

Without a doubt, regular cleanings and advice from your professional hygienist could save you both time and money, plus months of discomfort.


Sedation Dentistry

If you have avoided the dentist due to anxiety, a previous bad experience, or you struggle to relax when sitting in the dentist chair, you are not alone! Dental anxiety is very common amongst Americans and has had a detrimental effect on our nation’s oral health.

At Smiles on the Hudson, dental fear doesn’t need to result in you avoiding the dentist. Rather, you can enjoy the benefit of sedation dentistry and brush your fears aside.

How can we help?

Our office ensures you feel comfortable with the use of conscious sedation. This safe option comes in the form of oral medication and is specially designed to make you:

It may seem hard to believe, but our patients report feeling at ease and calm during even complex procedures. If you choose to use sedation, our caring team and experienced Edgewater dentists are with you every step of the way and can answer any questions you may have.

Now you can experience a calming and worthwhile visit, free of anxiety or stress!

all under one roof

Special Dental Services

At Smiles on the Hudson, we offer our patients the convenience of one-stop dentistry. No need to run around to different offices or specialists, we can do it all right here.

Whether you need restorative, cosmetic, or family dentistry care, we offer a full range of dental services for all members of the family.

all under one roof

"I would highly recommend you to visit smiles on the Hudson for your dental needs. The staff is professional, friendly, and treats you with value from start to finish. The office is extremely clean and beautiful not to mention the stunning view right from your chair. Dr. Roytberg is a true professional and I will go back to him every time !!"

Liana V


Mouth Guards

There are two main types of mouthguards: night guards and sports guards. Both are custom designed and serve specific purposes.

We provide comfortable, custom-made mouth guards to help prevent bite issues such as TMJ disorders, to protect your smile, and to align your teeth. A painful or misaligned bite can lead to more complex dental problems taking shape.

Night guards:

These mouth guards prevent bruxism (or teeth grinding) while you sleep. They can also be used to help with TMJ and correct a misaligned bite.

Sports guards:

The American Dental Association recommends wearing a sports guard whenever participating in contact sports to protect your smile. These mouthguards are customized to comfortably fit over your teeth and prevent injury.

Please speak to your dentist in Edgewater, NJ about the various mouth guard options during your next visit.

Laser Dentistry

For many, the sound of dental drills kept them away from the dentist. For others, it was the thought of sitting for a long time in the dental chair.

Well, our team has moved forward and replaced noisy drills, removed uncomfortable procedures, and increased the accuracy of care with the help of laser dentistry.

What do we use lasers for?

These dental lasers use innovative technology to provide the highest standard of care with faster recovery times. Lasers help with various treatments, including:

In addition to being a minimally invasive solution, laser dentistry cuts down chair-time, provides instant results, and allows us to avoid (in most cases) anesthesia.

We have no doubt that you’ll be impressed by our modern technology and detail-oriented care.

Root Canals

When a cavity reaches the nerve of your tooth, it becomes infected and filled with bacteria. This can happen due to extreme decay or trauma affecting a specific tooth. The good news is a root canal can repair and save your natural tooth with minimal discomfort.

You may greatly benefit from root canal therapy if you are experiencing some of the following symptoms:

The process

The root canal process can be performed with the help of modern technology, so you experience a more comfortable treatment in a faster turnaround time.

To begin, our doctor extracts the pulp and cleans away all bacteria within the tooth. Then, the space left is filled with a modern dental material to restore your tooth back to its full function.

At Smiles on the Hudson, we can assess if you are a candidate for an improved smile through a root canal treatment!

Children's and Orthodontic Dentistry

We are pleased to welcome patients of all ages. Our comfortable office provides a family-friendly atmosphere and offers dentistry designed around your child’s individual needs.

Our dentists have experience providing dental exams and hygiene advice for infants, adolescents, and teenagers. As your family’s dental partner, our focus is to help your child take their first steps to improved dental health in a fun and friendly manner.

Your child’s appointment

During a typical dental examination, your Edgewater dentistevaluates several factors, including:

We’ll add a little more emphasis on education so your child has the tools to develop successful oral habits. However, this won’t consist of lectures but rather fun and informal conversations.

As with adults, it is recommended for children to receive a dental exam every six months and for parents to be involved in their oral hygiene habits. During the exam, both parent and child can ask any questions and discuss their concerns.

No matter what your child needs to feel comfortable, we do our best to cater to those needs. Whether they want to hold your hand or prefer to cuddle their teddy, we’ll help make their visit positive and enjoyable.


Free Ebooks

Learn more about all dental procedures for free!

Discover all our dental Ebooks and learn more about the step by step of all dental procedures for free!

Learn more about all dental procedures for free!

Discover all our dental Ebooks and learn more about the step by step of all dental procedures for free!

Free Ebooks


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