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Metal-Free Fillings

When a cavity forms it can leave you with much discomfort and affect your ability to eat and speak. The most common cause is poor hygiene, sugary foods and drinks, and missed dental check-ups.

At Smiles of the Hudson, our restorative dentists focus primarily on how your tooth can be saved and restored. That is why we use modern metal-free fillings.

Using these fillings bring several benefits:


Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are typically used when the affected or missing tooth area is too big for a filling but doesn’t require a crown.

Also, inlays and onlays are a great solution for teeth that have already had a small restoration, but due to recurrent decay, it needs to be removed.

These restorations are custom-designed to fit your afflicted tooth. Your dentist in Edgewater, NJ typically uses an inlay to fit inside the outer edge of the tooth, while an onlay covers a small portion of the tooth (usually beyond the cusps of the tooth).

Crowns & Bridges


Dental crowns are very common and extremely effective when it comes to protecting a damaged tooth. This restoration is similar to a cap placed over your afflicted or discolored tooth. All our dental crowns are mercury-free and are designed to resemble the color of your natural smile.

Crowns can be used to solve a number of issues:


A missing a tooth not only affects your confidence but can also negatively impact your health. Did you know that if your tooth is not replaced, the surrounding teeth could begin to shift? This can lead to further tooth loss and even your jawbone deteriorating.

It is essential to act now in order to preserve the health and function of your smile!

Dental Implants

You may feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed due to a missing tooth or teeth. What’s more, you may also feel limited while doing day-to-day activities like eating, speaking, or smiling.

Dental implants act as replacements for your missing teeth so you can restore the function of your smile.

They mimic the function of your natural tooth roots while providing a stable foundation for our beautiful restorations. Dental implants help preserve your oral health and support your jaw and facial features too.



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As we age our teeth begin to let us down, which can result in the need for a restorative option. Step in, dentures!

At our office, we have a number of denture options including partial and full removable dentures. These dentures are custom-made to fit your smile but can be removed for cleaning and any necessary maintenance.


Ideal for those with multiple missing teeth or a large gap in their smile. Partial dentures consist of natural-looking teeth made using a 3D scan of your mouth and are created by our partner lab. These dentures are placed by our trained professionals and held in place using a clasp or similar device. Although we recommend wearing your dentures most of the time, they are removable.


Missing all your teeth can have a detrimental effect on your health and can lead to further problems such as jawbone deterioration. When you need a new smile, full dentures can come to the rescue. These custom-made removable dentures are made to cover the entire upper or lower arch (or both). They are held in place with a clasp or similar device and reflect the look of a natural smile. Removable dentures are ideal for most denture patients. However, they do not provide a permanent restoration. In fact, these dentures only sit on the surface of your gums, which means jaw shrinkage could occur. Therefore, your Edgewater, NJ dental experts offer implant-supported dentures as a long-lasting, permanent solution. All-on-Six dentures are attached to 6 dental implants for a more stable and permanent smile.

Full Mouth Restoration

The human body is connected and intertwined with systems that all rely on each other. It is the same with your oral health too. If you leave a dental problem untreated, it can lead to further issues. In time, this can mean you need a full mouth restoration.
For example, poor hygiene habits can cause gum disease, which in turn can lead to tooth loss, and this could cause the shifting of teeth, teeth misalignment, and even jawbone loss.
It is not all bad news though. Dr. Roytberg and our team have the skill and technology to save your smile! We understand life can prevent us from visiting the dentist, perhaps due to a busy schedule, dental anxiety, or previous negative experiences. We are not here to lecture, but rather to care for you and your smile. We do this by creating your very own custom treatment plan.

Our services

Our dentists in Edgewater, NJ may use a series of treatments to help improve your health, including:

Our team strives to help you by explaining each recommendation clearly and not overwhelming you with information. Just remember, we are here to help and we are with you every step of the way!


At Smiles on the Hudson, we always work hard to save your natural tooth and only recommend an extraction when truly necessary. Unfortunately, there are times when removal is needed and these can include:

Our services

Our dentists in Edgewater, NJ may use a series of treatments to help improve your health, including:

If an extraction is required then there is no need for nerves. Our restorative dentists in Edgewater, NJ have years of experience and will carry out the removal in the most comfortable manner possible.

Your extraction procedure

A typical extraction is achieved by:

Our friendly, comprehensive approach means we explain all of your options ahead of time. After the removal, we can offer restorative solutions such as dental implants and bridges.