How to get an appointment through Teledentistry?

How to get an appointment through Teledentistry?

What is Tele-dentistry?

Tele-dentistry means live video consultations for evaluations, assessments, pre-screening, check-ins, and planning forward. It allows the dentist to have completely secure, real-time virtual visits with the patient from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Tele-dentistry supports dental care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, dental information and education.

In the face of the current global health crisis, we are all trying to do our part during the pandemic; tele-dentistry has become an effective and viable option to provide dental healthcare while also practicing social distancing, and helping minimize or eliminate the spread of COVID-19.

Teledentistry any time anywhere!

A five-minute Teledentistry consultation saves time for the you and the team. To get a dental consult anytime, all you need is a mobile device or computer with video chat capabilities.

How to get an appointment through Teledentistry?


  1. First, Call us or Text us at (201) 941 0088 to make an appointment. We will send you a link with the Pre-Registration Process where you will fill out your payment & medical information. (The pre-registration process must be completed to confirm your virtual appointment, or it will be canceled.).


  1. Once the registration process is complete, we now confirm and guarantee your appointment slot. Please follow the next Step at your scheduled date and time.


  1. At your virtual appointment, you will Join our Virtual Waiting Room. Please click on the link and sign in to our Waiting Room (We will send you the link on the day of your appointment). Our Doctor will connect with you shortly after.



During your Virtual Appointment, be assured we will address all your questions and concerns. We will make accommodations if an office visit is required. Your Dr will prescribe any medication if needed, which can be picked up at the pharmacy location of your choice.


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How to get an appointment through Teledentistry?

How to get an appointment through Teledentistry?

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