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Funny child dentistry



At Smile on the Hudson we offer a fun experience for the whole family.

Care in addition to being provided by excellent and quality professionals, is an exciting and different experience for your child. Through toys, games and visual aids we gain your child’s confidence to make any fear go away.


It is recommended that children see a dentist 6 months after the appearance of the first tooth or before the first year of age. This will allow kids to adapt early on to the dental office and not have fears in the future.

In addition, education in oral hygiene practices helps children to acquire good habits.

  • From the first contact with the dental office, the child is motivated to experiment with the place.
  • A process of adaptation to the space is carried out.
  • The child with all the toys and technological distractions manages to forget that he is in a dental office.

FUNNY CHILD DENTISTRYWhat happens during the first appointment?

The first appointment will be the most important experience your child will have, so it is an appointment where we try to entertain and educate the child through games and visual aids.

In the waiting room, the children are adapted so that they feel confident enough to enter the room. Then, the dentist performs an oral examination to review every detail, explaining the findings to the parents and establishing the treatment plan.

The first visit will end with a small surprise gift that reinforces the behavior of the kid.

Procedures we perform
For children we offer the following procedures:

  • Preventive treatments
  • Dental fillings (tooth colored) for children
  • Dental Crowns
  • Pulp Therapy
  • Extractions
  • Pediatric sedation



FUNNY CHILD DENTISTRYPreventive treatments:

The best option for your child to have good oral health is to prevent the appearance of cavities and diseases.

In our clinic we offer the following preventative treatments customized for kids:


It is very important to take care of your teeth and gums; before starting the cleaning, the dentist will perform an examination to check the presence of cavities, bacterial plaque and tartar.

Then he will perform a cleaning that includes the removal of bacterial plaque and dental calculus which is the hardened plaque.

These procedures are done with a motorized brush and prophy paste. Without the child feeling a bit of pain or discomfort.

FUNNY CHILD DENTISTRYFluoride application:

Fluoride treatment is used to help prevent cavities. Fluoride will work by concentrating on the teeth and strengthening the most superficial layer of each tooth (the enamel).

It is recommended to do fluoride application every 6 months.


The teeth have pits where food debris can accumulate and could cause cavities. To avoid this, the dentist will apply dental sealants to fill these pits.

This is a painless treatment and our dentist or hygienist will answer all your and your kids questions before, during and after each of these procedures.

Your dental hygienist at Smiles on the Hudson!

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