FULL MOUTH – RECONSTRUCTION – The Ultimate Smile Makeover

Do you dislike the color of your teeth? Do you feel uncomfortable with your smile? All your teeth hurt, and eating has become a challenge? Then it’s time to visit the dentist and talk about a possible Full Mouth Reconstruction.

When a patient does not have a dental care routine, many conditions can arise. Cavities, bad breath, infection and inflammation of the gums and even loss of bone can occur. Once the infection reaches the bone, the patient may lose his tooth and have to opt for restorative dentistry.

Unlike other procedures, Full Mouth Reconstruction blends the best of dental specialties. It involves restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic dentistry.
As you can see, it is not a single procedure but a plan specifically designed to achieve the patient’s goal.

Steps for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

  1. Schedule an appointment for a consultation at Smiles On The Hudson by calling us at 201-941-0088 .
  2. During your first consultation, the doctor will ask you specific questions about your teeth history and future expectations. He will perform a series of pictures and X-rays to document your current smile and determine your teeth and gums’ condition.
  3. After the dentist has enough information, he will build a plan based on what is healthy and aesthetically acceptable for this case, matching the patient’s goals and objectives.
  4. The Treatment Coordinator will show you estimates, payment options, and deadlines in which you can schedule each procedure. This way, you can plan accordingly.
  5. Your hygiene/maintenance will be appointed as recommended by the doctor and the hygienist after completing your Full-mouth Reconstruction.

Your hygiene appointment is essential to ensure our work is kept in optimal condition.

In our office we have all specialists available for all your dental needs.

And the most important step – schedule regular dental checkups!

Very Truly Yours

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